Love – A Farthest Emotion!


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Love seems to be the most farthest Emotion in today’s times! Where has the honesty gone? Where has all the emotions disappeared?

People!! I say, nearly everyone has converted their definition of having a pure honest relationship into manifestations of their physical needs FIRST. Priorities from the older to the newer generations have undergone major transformations. 

Physical needs are very important and totally a part and parcel of life – however basing your relationship over a physical need, will be like having your cone first and then the ice-cream.  

1)  Do such relationships, with their base of physicality over commitment last long?
2)  Do they go a long way to then build commitment? 

I have my own reservations on the above questions to what I have practically seen so far in real life. It’s perfectly good if the answer’s to the above questions are that perfect “Yes” for some people. However, for those it isn’t – can be that perfect disaster too.  

During the good old hay days, we have known of our parents and grandparents getting into a full fledged, life time committed relationships – even without having to see other’s faces & here people seem to ‘see’ everything and still not feel committed 😛  

Its sure is a crazy world out there in today’s times. Like they say, each to its own as may suit everyone to their own tastes, liking & ‘Sight’ 😛  

Happy Visuals!! 😉

You – The Best ‘Feeling’…


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You were that Whiff of Wind…
The best breeze in my Summer!

You were not love at first sight…
Or that of a Couple..
You were a ‘Feeling’

You were my Emotion…
You ‘Made’ me Feel…
You made a lot of difficult paths, so easy to cross…
With your mere presence.
How Effortless were You in my life…
You were ‘Something’!

Your description cannot be expressed in words;
You can only be ‘Felt.’

They say co-incidences never happen;
Maybe, it still did with our meetings…

Our eyes have crossed paths in these chances…
They have spoken amongst themselves…
Their silent words, have had conversations…
Even if, we were never able to speak.

Your face within my vision – never felt so right – yet it’s not a love with a boy!
It’s something…
It’s Peace..
It’s Calm…
It’s a ‘Feeling’ that you brought about…
A feeling that was right…

It was a feeling in Friendship…
It was Undefined…
It connected within, its own self… 

Call it Spiritual…
Or as an Indefinable Spirit of Emotions…

It was a ‘Feeling’
It was There…
Ensuring it was never ignored…
It made us accept its presence.
Made us confess the connections…
Probably, some Emotions in its most truest form.

A passing thought of you today,
Makes me recognize the same ‘Feeling’
I felt, when you were present. 

Define it as Care…
Define it as a Bond…
Talk about it as a Connection…
Still none of the above words
Can do the Justice…

Of Calling You –
The Best ‘Feeling’ I Ever Had!

Empowering Roots

A Very Small Emotion…


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I love the banter. I love the energy that any positive banter with your friends can bring out. Please take a note; I am referring to any banter/argument that you can make which is positive from your mind and heart. 

C’mon, if our surrounding people especially our friends weren’t different than us – then life would be so boring. 
I just dont have shades in my life; I have colours – every single tone of every other colour that existed. Yes, my friends are that apart from each other.  Their professions can be different and spread wide apart over the gamut of this universe; but delve into their seas of personalities – they can discover a new colour all together that probably must have never even discovered. 

Bring these different shades of people in one room – and see the brightness they can bring in your life. I have had loads of opportunities just to have them all together in my one room space and then step back and stand in the corner and purely watch them interact with one another. 

The following emotions completely overwhelm me, with the sight that I have in front of me:
1) Pride – that they are sooo amazing
2) A never ending smile on my face
3) A prayer that this day never ends!

A small feeling – a feeling that may come for a fraction of second and then go away – but this feeling has created memories in my mind. A flash of a scene that I would never forget even if I was ever hit with any Amnesia 🙂

Empowering Roots

Perfect Randomness!


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I love random plans. Just their sudden randomness excites me. Last night’s random dinner plan totally out of the blue; right in the middle of the week was so refreshing.

In the same old monotony of life; we tend to sometimes forget what excites us; till something happens that acts as a good old reminder. 

In my life; this role has been usually played by my best girl friends. They have been my perfect reminders to who I really am; and what exactly I am capable of. 
In some of the recent situations and changes in my life; they have played ‘just the bang on perfect’ role of reminders of my strength and capacity; not just once but they have repeated it to me a million times – if they were forced to; incase they did not see me absorbing it right. 

These people in turn; TURN-OUT to be my perfect excitement! They are my stress buster’s and my perfect level field of thoughts that I can play on. 

I have never had to care in this world of what I spoke or should speak with them; at times – they know just exactly what I am thinking or going to say – that they tend to complete it before I even finish. 

I will argue my bum off with them and in the end can still leave the conversation on a dis-agreement; without a change in the world. Infact, it’s their difference with my personality that is my real strength. 

I am grateful for them! They know who they are!
They are my Perfect Randomness!

Empowering Roots

It’s About ‘You’!!


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The only best person who can understand you is ‘YOU”. Never have any expectations that your blood ties, family, or even your best friends will understand you to that point and level that you can understand yourself. 

Relations work best when they are only at the empathetic or sympathetic level. I am well aware that my this statement, is not even coming close to expressing what I am meaning.

Let’s try and re-phrase: No matter how hard one can try – you can only understand a person’s pain/trauma/issue/problem to a certain extent.

Be aware; I am only talking about ‘understanding’ here and not even mentioning the aspect of ‘attempting to help’ or ‘trying to help to a certain extent’. 

The feeling of what one can understand for the other will also be based on what you think about the other’s situation.

Hypothetically, lets even leave one’s own individual thoughts’ aside; it will still be harder to leave out the various assumptions & biases that generally a human mind carries anyways. 

No matter how hard you try to completely de-color your mind and keep it plain white so that you can understand the other person to it’s very core; Even at the end of the process; when you are walking back home – your mind will give its own take or version. 

Rare are the cases or situations where one will be able to only have prayers and faith for the other’s strength. Yes, logical solutions are available everywhere; but sometimes even logic doesn’t seem to help ‘understand’ what the other may be going through. 

For assumptions; no matter how hard you try and put things in black and white for people or take that extra mileage step to come clean and prove your thoughts or innocence of actions to the other person – it may just burn you out at the end of it! 

Is it worth attempting any of the above? I would say; worth it – only if the opposite person gets you in one straight shot and vice-versa – else take the longer road buddy, towards “Understanding Your Own-Self” better than expecting it from the other!

A Happy Place & So Shall It Be!


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While I was, in my own sweet world of sabbactical thoughts, I was upto lots of things in my personal life. Let’s leave the learning roads behind and talk about the best things that could happen to you; even while you are in your transition of pain; tears or sadness.

So what I have been upto?

TravelOne I have been after chasing my dreams of moving out of the same old comfort zone of life that I have been living all this while. The Dream to Travel and explore a world of beyond! Just the mere thought, drives me crazy; I can imagine me just getting there – will drive me totally nuts!  

Two – I have re-discovered my passion and hobby for PhotographyPhotography. So finally, bought myself an SLR and explored places like Singapore; Thailand; San Francisco to see what more I love along with it.

Three & the most adventurous of it all I am back to cycling on the lean mean roads of Mumbai after years.  

Bumped into a big cycling group that shares the same passion. Rather they have a stronger and a far more committed life towards cycling where people are attempting off roading. Some of them ride and attemtp the 200 to 600 KM BRM rides.

It’s some  experience of sorts – meeting people who are this passionate about this sport.

I finally got a chance to do a complete risky, slippery -off roading on the bike. This happened on my recent trip to Sula Vineyard in Nasik & BOY, it was some experience!

The thrill of doing something new makes the feeling of just being in the wild on your bike even more enriching.  

I did the offroading admist the jungle & the woods. The peace and calmness along with your friends just added more to my experience.

The above three things in my life has brought me back to A Happy Place – Amen – So Shall It Be!

Am Coming Home..Am Coming Home!


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Come BackA lot has happened from the time I took a sabatical from writing. I didn’t quite lose touch, as I kep writing something or the other, here and there; but it’s just that, it didn’t take a form of a blog to be published.

When I say, a lot has happened, let me re-phrase that and say “Quite a lot” has taken place.

New people walking in from no where; then, walking out out of the blue – just like the way they came! Circle of Life isn’t it?

Random but expected surprises emerging like a ray of sun.
Some smiles; lots of Tears; A gamut of feelings..Ah!

It has been a very ‘steady’ journey of sorts of learning and living. So this blog will be my first step, in attempting to come back. As I am even writing this, there are millions of thoughts already running in my head that I want to pen down; especially all that has happened.

A friendship that came in and felt so perfectly right; never expected or asked for it it, but did happen – that was a blessing!

An experience and truth uncovered finally; that so had to.

At the end of it, I have learnt.
I have grown as a person and a human being.
I was made to feel.

I was brought down to be completely dis-manteled and shattered as a human being; only to work on myself to be re-surrected again.

And I AM BACK!! Back for good, to be never broken down again!

The people, who would have been probably the cause/reason of one completely breaking and dis-mantling into pieces; will never be able to realise this feeling – as they would have never even remotely stopped and paid attention to how they would have made the other one feel – thanks to their words or actions.

They will never know what it feels like; when someone is brought down and buried straight with their head upside down;

BUT STOP right there. Every negative has an equal and opposite positive – So looking at all of the above; I can clearly say that something changed my life forever.

Something brought me totally down – but gave me a new ME!!! 🙂
How else would that have happened otherwise 🙂

Empowering Roots is back people!!! 😉

Empowering Roots

Strange Are Relationships!


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So here I am back to writing again – again something that tickled my nerves to pen down what I have in my mind.

I am sure, I don’t have to say this to you in so many words but we all know that relationships are funny and weird.  Especially the ones that you ‘Oh! I so care, about’

They are the ones that would tend to affect you the most. They are the ones that will disturb your mind out of its own realms.

Have fight with someone you love and until you have a heart of stone – you will be affected and will see the immediate changes in the way you feel.

The reason why I say relationships are weird because the gamut of emotions that they can bring about in just matter of seconds. You may not feel like eating, you may not feel like drinking {water i.e.} You may not feel like doing a lot of things out of your normal and regular schedule.

Some relationships in our lives become so important that every other aspect of that person’s mind will bother your mind. So if your loved one is not happy – you won’t be too and will be constantly worried. If you know someone is not feeling well or is not safe – it garners and brings about an entire new gamut within you.

How many of us have changed naturally because of the people we have our loved relations with? How many of us ensure we don’t do anything that our loved one doesn’t like. Some people who are bull headed don’t do anything about it – probably because they have never felt the loving change themselves to realize how beautiful is to do things for those whom you love.

Every relationship is different and has a different shade of dark too. With some people you would only land up fighting – for their own benefit – the reason at the back of it would be because you only care. Strange, isn’t it that you may hurt your own loved one – because you cannot see them get hurt!

Strange are relationships!