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new I grew up in a different atmosphere – an atmosphere that can’t really be defined as good or bad. It cant be defined as best or worse for anyone. It just cant be defined.

There are something’s in life that you cannot have rules for – which can’t be pre determined as good or bad for anyone. You cannot have benchmark for some things in life…as they are probably just situational and one of cases.

If you are or have been in a situation where you have felt:

  1. It has not been fair..
  2. Is worse than those around you..
  3. You didn’t deserve it..
  4. Some people have it better..
  5. Some people – your friends are lucky, your neighbour has a better family than you, your destiny isn’t wit you etc… Then you really need to only know, remember & have the strength to believe AND have that faith that; It’s only going to get better from now on.
    Have the belief that it was the best thing to happen to you – to make you who you are. The fact remains that you also know that you cant change it …then why delve over it.

    Why keep dwelling on something that may have been your past. Why struggle & live in your current times?

    Life is short & its best lived..like a KING {in my case – as a TOTAL PRINCESS 🙂 }

    This is my New Promise to myself.

    This is the New Me…