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So here I am back to writing again – again something that tickled my nerves to pen down what I have in my mind.

I am sure, I don’t have to say this to you in so many words but we all know that relationships are funny and weird.  Especially the ones that you ‘Oh! I so care, about’

They are the ones that would tend to affect you the most. They are the ones that will disturb your mind out of its own realms.

Have fight with someone you love and until you have a heart of stone – you will be affected and will see the immediate changes in the way you feel.

The reason why I say relationships are weird because the gamut of emotions that they can bring about in just matter of seconds. You may not feel like eating, you may not feel like drinking {water i.e.} You may not feel like doing a lot of things out of your normal and regular schedule.

Some relationships in our lives become so important that every other aspect of that person’s mind will bother your mind. So if your loved one is not happy – you won’t be too and will be constantly worried. If you know someone is not feeling well or is not safe – it garners and brings about an entire new gamut within you.

How many of us have changed naturally because of the people we have our loved relations with? How many of us ensure we don’t do anything that our loved one doesn’t like. Some people who are bull headed don’t do anything about it – probably because they have never felt the loving change themselves to realize how beautiful is to do things for those whom you love.

Every relationship is different and has a different shade of dark too. With some people you would only land up fighting – for their own benefit – the reason at the back of it would be because you only care. Strange, isn’t it that you may hurt your own loved one – because you cannot see them get hurt!

Strange are relationships!