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While I was, in my own sweet world of sabbactical thoughts, I was upto lots of things in my personal life. Let’s leave the learning roads behind and talk about the best things that could happen to you; even while you are in your transition of pain; tears or sadness.

So what I have been upto?

TravelOne I have been after chasing my dreams of moving out of the same old comfort zone of life that I have been living all this while. The Dream to Travel and explore a world of beyond! Just the mere thought, drives me crazy; I can imagine me just getting there – will drive me totally nuts!  

Two – I have re-discovered my passion and hobby for PhotographyPhotography. So finally, bought myself an SLR and explored places like Singapore; Thailand; San Francisco to see what more I love along with it.

Three & the most adventurous of it all I am back to cycling on the lean mean roads of Mumbai after years.  

Bumped into a big cycling group that shares the same passion. Rather they have a stronger and a far more committed life towards cycling where people are attempting off roading. Some of them ride and attemtp the 200 to 600 KM BRM rides.

It’s some  experience of sorts – meeting people who are this passionate about this sport.

I finally got a chance to do a complete risky, slippery -off roading on the bike. This happened on my recent trip to Sula Vineyard in Nasik & BOY, it was some experience!

The thrill of doing something new makes the feeling of just being in the wild on your bike even more enriching.  

I did the offroading admist the jungle & the woods. The peace and calmness along with your friends just added more to my experience.

The above three things in my life has brought me back to A Happy Place – Amen – So Shall It Be!