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Come BackA lot has happened from the time I took a sabatical from writing. I didn’t quite lose touch, as I kep writing something or the other, here and there; but it’s just that, it didn’t take a form of a blog to be published.

When I say, a lot has happened, let me re-phrase that and say “Quite a lot” has taken place.

New people walking in from no where; then, walking out out of the blue – just like the way they came! Circle of Life isn’t it?

Random but expected surprises emerging like a ray of sun.
Some smiles; lots of Tears; A gamut of feelings..Ah!

It has been a very ‘steady’ journey of sorts of learning and living. So this blog will be my first step, in attempting to come back. As I am even writing this, there are millions of thoughts already running in my head that I want to pen down; especially all that has happened.

A friendship that came in and felt so perfectly right; never expected or asked for it it, but did happen – that was a blessing!

An experience and truth uncovered finally; that so had to.

At the end of it, I have learnt.
I have grown as a person and a human being.
I was made to feel.

I was brought down to be completely dis-manteled and shattered as a human being; only to work on myself to be re-surrected again.

And I AM BACK!! Back for good, to be never broken down again!

The people, who would have been probably the cause/reason of one completely breaking and dis-mantling into pieces; will never be able to realise this feeling – as they would have never even remotely stopped and paid attention to how they would have made the other one feel – thanks to their words or actions.

They will never know what it feels like; when someone is brought down and buried straight with their head upside down;

BUT STOP right there. Every negative has an equal and opposite positive – So looking at all of the above; I can clearly say that something changed my life forever.

Something brought me totally down – but gave me a new ME!!! 🙂
How else would that have happened otherwise 🙂

Empowering Roots is back people!!! 😉

Empowering Roots