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The only best person who can understand you is ‘YOU”. Never have any expectations that your blood ties, family, or even your best friends will understand you to that point and level that you can understand yourself. 

Relations work best when they are only at the empathetic or sympathetic level. I am well aware that my this statement, is not even coming close to expressing what I am meaning.

Let’s try and re-phrase: No matter how hard one can try – you can only understand a person’s pain/trauma/issue/problem to a certain extent.

Be aware; I am only talking about ‘understanding’ here and not even mentioning the aspect of ‘attempting to help’ or ‘trying to help to a certain extent’. 

The feeling of what one can understand for the other will also be based on what you think about the other’s situation.

Hypothetically, lets even leave one’s own individual thoughts’ aside; it will still be harder to leave out the various assumptions & biases that generally a human mind carries anyways. 

No matter how hard you try to completely de-color your mind and keep it plain white so that you can understand the other person to it’s very core; Even at the end of the process; when you are walking back home – your mind will give its own take or version. 

Rare are the cases or situations where one will be able to only have prayers and faith for the other’s strength. Yes, logical solutions are available everywhere; but sometimes even logic doesn’t seem to help ‘understand’ what the other may be going through. 

For assumptions; no matter how hard you try and put things in black and white for people or take that extra mileage step to come clean and prove your thoughts or innocence of actions to the other person – it may just burn you out at the end of it! 

Is it worth attempting any of the above? I would say; worth it – only if the opposite person gets you in one straight shot and vice-versa – else take the longer road buddy, towards “Understanding Your Own-Self” better than expecting it from the other!