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I love the banter. I love the energy that any positive banter with your friends can bring out. Please take a note; I am referring to any banter/argument that you can make which is positive from your mind and heart. 

C’mon, if our surrounding people especially our friends weren’t different than us – then life would be so boring. 
I just dont have shades in my life; I have colours – every single tone of every other colour that existed. Yes, my friends are that apart from each other.  Their professions can be different and spread wide apart over the gamut of this universe; but delve into their seas of personalities – they can discover a new colour all together that probably must have never even discovered. 

Bring these different shades of people in one room – and see the brightness they can bring in your life. I have had loads of opportunities just to have them all together in my one room space and then step back and stand in the corner and purely watch them interact with one another. 

The following emotions completely overwhelm me, with the sight that I have in front of me:
1) Pride – that they are sooo amazing
2) A never ending smile on my face
3) A prayer that this day never ends!

A small feeling – a feeling that may come for a fraction of second and then go away – but this feeling has created memories in my mind. A flash of a scene that I would never forget even if I was ever hit with any Amnesia 🙂

Empowering Roots