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I love random plans. Just their sudden randomness excites me. Last night’s random dinner plan totally out of the blue; right in the middle of the week was so refreshing.

In the same old monotony of life; we tend to sometimes forget what excites us; till something happens that acts as a good old reminder. 

In my life; this role has been usually played by my best girl friends. They have been my perfect reminders to who I really am; and what exactly I am capable of. 
In some of the recent situations and changes in my life; they have played ‘just the bang on perfect’ role of reminders of my strength and capacity; not just once but they have repeated it to me a million times – if they were forced to; incase they did not see me absorbing it right. 

These people in turn; TURN-OUT to be my perfect excitement! They are my stress buster’s and my perfect level field of thoughts that I can play on. 

I have never had to care in this world of what I spoke or should speak with them; at times – they know just exactly what I am thinking or going to say – that they tend to complete it before I even finish. 

I will argue my bum off with them and in the end can still leave the conversation on a dis-agreement; without a change in the world. Infact, it’s their difference with my personality that is my real strength. 

I am grateful for them! They know who they are!
They are my Perfect Randomness!

Empowering Roots