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Love seems to be the most farthest Emotion in today’s times! Where has the honesty gone? Where has all the emotions disappeared?

People!! I say, nearly everyone has converted their definition of having a pure honest relationship into manifestations of their physical needs FIRST. Priorities from the older to the newer generations have undergone major transformations. 

Physical needs are very important and totally a part and parcel of life – however basing your relationship over a physical need, will be like having your cone first and then the ice-cream.  

1)  Do such relationships, with their base of physicality over commitment last long?
2)  Do they go a long way to then build commitment? 

I have my own reservations on the above questions to what I have practically seen so far in real life. It’s perfectly good if the answer’s to the above questions are that perfect “Yes” for some people. However, for those it isn’t – can be that perfect disaster too.  

During the good old hay days, we have known of our parents and grandparents getting into a full fledged, life time committed relationships – even without having to see other’s faces & here people seem to ‘see’ everything and still not feel committed 😛  

Its sure is a crazy world out there in today’s times. Like they say, each to its own as may suit everyone to their own tastes, liking & ‘Sight’ 😛  

Happy Visuals!! 😉